Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Every time I log in to write a post, my screen shows me a snapshot of my site's statistics. I couldn't help but notice two things: 1. My blog is suddenly getting about 1000 visits every day, and 2. The percentage of visitors that are viewing my blog for the first time has increased dramatically in the past two weeks. In short, lots of new people are tuning in.

I thought that a quick post getting everyone caught up might help...

I was diagnosed with ALS/MND/Lou Gehrig's disease in October 2011, but I had been experiencing symptoms from the beginning of that year.

I go to one of the best hospitals in the world, Johns Hopkins, for my ALS clinic visits (my check-ups).

I've been a guinea pig in two separate drug trials.

People have been extremely supportive, and that's allowed me to do some pretty cool things, like driving super-cars (and getting caught doing 125MPH in a 55MPH zone), going to watch Celtic play, skydiving, taking an epic anniversary trip, taking my family to see Mickey, and a family sightseeing trip to name a few. My college coach created a football tournament to benefit my family.

My symptoms were minor in 2011, and I remained active for a while. These days, this is a much more accurate assessment of my physical abilities.

As of a few months ago, my breathing capacity was less than 50% of what it should be for a guy my age. In February of this year, my friends at Johns Hopkins to my that, conservatively, I had 12-18 months to live. Right now, I suppose that puts me in the 6-12 month range.

The ice bucket challenge has simply been rejuvenating for me. To have a terminal illness is one thing, but it weighs you down when it gets such little publicity, and such meager financial support for research. To some, the ice bucket challenge is a silly fad; "just donate and stop showing off," is a refrain I've caught wind of.

The thing is, the ice bucket challenge is the vehicle through which awareness is spread. And people need to be aware before you can seriously, passionately ask them to donate.

Don't believe me? During the course of the same three week period last year, the ALS Association raised $1.9 million. This year, during the same period; $22.4 million.


  1. That's a staggering impact and a good middle finger up to anyone sneering!

  2. Tony, as ever, keep on keeping on pal.......... Jeez, I wish that I had your strength of character. You are an inspiration my friend to so many people...........

    Private message: the wee skype man says hi!

    Franny, yer pal eh!

    Regards & Hail Hail

    1. See the game tonight Tony????????
      Improvement for sure.....

      Lots of love to you and yours.......


    2. much improved performance. exposed a few times, but a night and day difference from Legia.

      As for the WSM; please tell him I absolutely loved it. The stories and jokes...well, laughter is great medicine! Thanks to everyone that helped to pull it off!


    3. Cheers for the response Tony, and will pass on your kind regards.......BTW Tony, what about this abbreviated article below; amazing.......

      Take care pal. I seem to spend more time on your blog than on CQN nowadays..... Gottabe a class thing..


      Sir Chris Bonington reaches the summit of Old Man of Hoy for third time aged 80
      Daniel Sanderson
      Thursday 21 August 2014

      MOUNTAINEERING legend Sir Chris Bonington has scaled the Old Man of Hoy almost half a century after he became the first person to achieve the feat.

      The pensioner, who is Britain's most celebrated mountaineer, first scaled the 449ft island sea stack in 1966 as part of a team of three climbers.

      Yesterday, he conquered the Orkney landmark for a third time, to raise funds for motor neurone disease (MND)................

    4. is suddenly getting about 1000 visits every day............
      So who is the other ghuy?


  3. Hey Conway...
    You failed to mention the most impressive experience of a lifetime.
    A speeding ticket for a zillion miles per hour!

  4. Hi,Tony.

    I hope things are as good as they can be,mate.

    I overheard a smashing wee lass asking a friend to nominate her for The Ice Bucket Challenge.

    I immediately thought of you!

    I reckon she'd be chuffed to bits to be nominated by you,mate.

    And I reckon her pals will be jealous as...

    You take care,mate. As I've said before,there are a lot of people hold you in their hearts and minds.

    Her name is


    from Swindon.


  5. Thanks,Tony.

    Yer some banana,mate.

    But a top one!

  6. You were in the year above me at school and I remember talking to you a couple of times in sixth form. You are amazing. Your girls have to have the bravest, most courageous daddy ever. To face such an unfair and cruel thing would make most people shrivel and get bitter! You have stuck the middle finger to it and can still have humour! Thank you for making people aware of this illness. I feel guilty that I knew nothing of the lack of research etc. I wish you and your family the best.

  7. Tony,

    Gutted to hear of your illness. I had no idea of this terrible illness, it really hits home when it's someone you know.