Friday, March 2, 2012

Pencil in March 10th

Please use the comment field below to let me know if you want to jump out of a plane with me on March 10th!

Want to liven up a Spring Saturday?

Want a 2 minute face lift?

Want to share a once-in-a-lifetime experience?

I look set to visit Skydive Orange - check out their site for more information

... and don't worry it won't be like this


  1. are you trying to get one of those circles holding hand in the air type jumps? count me out!

  2. Not so sure a temporary face lift would justify a heart attack from fear of heights for me, but you go for it! Think I"ll pass, but have fun! However I do like the song Wind beneath my wings, but prefer "wind beneath" in a song and not beneath me! Expect pics & video as always!

  3. I'm in :)
    See you guys there, and thank you so much for spending some time with Kelly and me this morning! Hmmm...a two minute face that just might get Kelly to sign up! Take care you guys and see you Saturday morning, love Mel

    1. AWESOME! We had a great time, and are very happy we all managed to meet up. See you on Saturday!