About This Blog

This blog was started by my husband, Tony Conway, shortly after his diagnosis of ALS in the fall of 2011. He wrote about our lives and his disease, made connections around the world, and touched the lives of many people.

On February 20, 2015, Tony ended his battle with ALS. Not long after that, I decided to continue writing on this blog. Tony used it as a sort of therapy, and a way to educate people about ALS. I'm trying to do the same...

Below is the original introduction Tony posted on the blog...

My name is Tony Conway, and I have ALS, also known as MND.

I'm married to Amanda and we have two wonderful children, Cora and Louise.

We live in Lexington, VA, and take each day as it comes!

In a nutshell, I was born in Glasgow, Scotland, grew up in England, and came to the US to attend VMI and play footy.

Thank you for reading!
Amanda Conway