Thursday, October 27, 2011

Medical Questions and Stating the Obvious

I was thinking back to a question Dr. Rothstein asked me at my appointment two weeks ago. He was asking if I was noticeably more emotional these days. At the time, I simply answered, "yes," and moved on.

Now I wonder if anyone has ever said, "Nah, this whole ALS diagnosis thing doesn't really bother me." I'm sure this type of symptom must play in to the diagnosis, but the question really is on a par with the airport security question, "anyone given you a bomb to carry?"

Speaking of the obvious, the fine print for Rilutek asks me, before I take it, to inform my Physician if I'm allergic to the medication... ... ... ...okay, I'll bite: how in the hell do I know if I'm allergic before I've taken it?

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