Monday, September 29, 2014


Our Hospice, the Rockbridge Area Hospice, released a video celebrating 30 years of service. Check it out...

Friday, September 26, 2014

Power of Attorney

I had to sign a new power of attorney today.

Apparently, my previous copy didn't give Amanda broad enough powers. Well, according to one of our insurance companies.

Somewhere between Louise's birth and my diagnosis, I neglected to add Louise as a beneficiary. Amanda sought to rectify my mistake, but was turned down by the insurance company.

The funny thing about completing a new power attorney is that I had sign the documents. Unable to grasp a pen with my hands, I signed the documents with a pen in my mouth!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Organized Chaos

Your Mum bought you the game "Hungry Hungry Hippos."

A predictable cacophony of noise ensued as you both pounded away on the lever on the hippos back. I thought things might descend in to chaos, but you were both so happy to play together.

Cora, after playing, you did your homework at the kitchen counter. It didn't take long to do your homework, so we looked through some schoolwork your teacher sent home. It's fair to say you've had a great start to the school year, since your work was outstanding.

Louise, during a few games, you decided it was more appropriate to feed your hippo by hand. It was adorable and funny, since you would grab the high-scoring yellow ball every time. Your class at daycare is taking a field trip to Boxerwood Gardens tomorrow. You spent some time there during the summer at a half-day camp, but tomorrow will be your first visit with your class...and your first trip on a school bus.

I don't know why such a normal afternoon should make me so happy.  Thank you.

I love you,

Friday, September 19, 2014

Sweet Sixteen

I got word from my friends at Johns Hopkins that I need to spend 16 hours a day hooked up to my breathing machine. This comes in response to a breathing test I took at my local hospital on Tuesday.

My lungs cant hold more than 2.5 liters, and perform at 42% of what they should.

Hold On

I stumbled across this old gem...