Thursday, November 10, 2011

I want to

A work in progress..
  • Go faster than the speed of sound
  • Drive a Bugatti
  • Take the VMI team to watch the Bhoys
  • Fire the biggest weapon I can get my hands on (no penis jokes, please)
  • Take Amanda to Ring Figure
  • Take the Girls to Disney World
  • Take Amanda back to Hawaii
  • Make Cora and Louise laugh
  • be continued...


  1. Hmmm.... I think some of those of are definitely do-able... not sure about the Bugatti. How many of those were made? It's not like there's one on every corner. Maybe write a letter to Clarkson, Captain Slow and Hamster?

    Btw, you're very sweet. :)


    There are three Bugattis (including a 1924 type 35) in the footage on this link to the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

    Or did you mean the VW Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4!! seen in this link

  3. This one :)

  4. 268MPH! Could you drive the girls to Disney at the speed of sound in a bugatti after taking Amanda to ring figure and make the girls laugh all the way there? You could knock the current list in half in a couple of days! lu. ytt.

  5. True, but the fuel runs out in 12 minutes at full speed, so we'd need to stop a few times. l t

  6. D'oh! Is there a bugatti prius?

  7. If you need help with Item 3.. give me a call! We'll aim for the full bhuna, tour of the stadium and "full" trophy room.