Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Grind and my First ALS Joke

My arms feel a little heavy this morning, but I hate to think what they'd feel like without the help of Renata, Claudia, Mike, Paul, and Rick yesterday.

We took delivery of a load of fire wood on Thursday, and put out a request for help on short notice. Given that the load consisted of about 20+ denuded oak trunks, it was obvious that more hands were needed.

We had a great response, and yesterday was pegged as the day to tackle the fire wood.

It didn't take long for a good work flow to develop. I jumped around wherever I was needed, Mike manned the chainsaw, Paul man-handled the log-splitter, and Renata took care of getting the logs stacked up. Rick's arrival was a welcome boost, and we really seemed to move in to overdrive. The remains of last season's wood, and well over half of this most recent delivery have been taken care of.

Taking everyone inside for Shepherds Pie (thanks to Amanda and Claudia!) and Irish Coffee didn't really feel like it was enough of a gesture of thanks, so I'll just say it: I am so grateful for all of your help, particularly on such short notice, and I won't forget. Ever.


Now, my joke. I was making Irish Coffees for Mike and Paul. I chose to pour the whiskey in first, and then pour in the coffee. Not wanting to go to excess, I used a small glass to measure out the  appropriate amount of whiskey. The combination of my symptoms and a day working on fire wood made pouring an accurate measure difficult. After one particularly bad effort, I turned to Claudia and said, "Well, that was a shaky measure!"

Well I laughed.


  1. Just read this and now I'm craving some Jameson Original... Love you Uncle Tony

  2. Good friends are a blessing. Shepherd's Pie - yum! That's what I brought for lunch today, although I never got around to it. Somehow, I did get around to a double mini on a sugar cone from Sweet Things...

  3. anytime tony! it was a fun day, even if i did poop out towards the end!

  4. The team done good. Take a bow all who labored.

  5. I thought I was going to help with the wood!!!! What up with that? You know I wood---hehe anytime ....The joke made me laugh.