Thursday, November 3, 2011


I was going to write about my first visit to the ALS Clinic at Johns Hopkins, but this deserves its own post first...

Amanda, the girls and I went down to Huntersville on Saturday to help Ryan celebrate his birthday.

It. Was. Great.

Not only was it good to be around family, but it was good to regress to boyhood for a few hours; playing with toy trains and cars was a lot of fun. I've always found pleasure in watching Cora playing, and watching Ryan and Clare was no different.

Then I beat Martin at Wii golf, and all was right in the world! :P


  1. I realize this isn't facebook, but can I just "like" this post?

  2. As much as I too like the came as a huge disappointment to discover that MY virtual golf game was actually as bad as my real golf game.
    I didn't even make the cut in this tournament...
    I demand a rematch.

    BTW what is this 'facebook' to which you refer?