Monday, November 21, 2011

A Squeeze

I really don't see how we could have done any more activities this past weekend.

A dream granted, a hotel party, vows exchanged, rugs being cut, room service, and an evening unwinding.

Amanda and I received a wonderful invitation to attend Ring Figure at VMI. Amanda took the opportunity to get a new gown (it's not like either of us have an extensive wardrobe of formal wear), and I took the opportunity to try and get in to a kilt. That was difficult. Amanda's gown arrived late on Thursday, and I received word that a tuxedo was the dress code for a quest at Ring Figure; when in Rome, wear a tux.

We took Kevin , Tucker, Matt, Kip, Kyle, and their parents up on the offer of dinner at the Southern Inn. It was a wonderful time. Good food, great company, and a memorable occasion; our sincere thanks to you all for allowing us to share the evening with you.

We shared a wonderful few moments with the Rochows on our way to the Ring Figure Ball. It may have been a short meeting, but it left us in no doubt as to how their son, David, became the good guy that he is.

 On to the ball...

...Amanda and I made the short walk over to the Marshall Center at VMI. No sooner had we hung up our coats than we were being called to the stage for the ring ceremony. It was a little strange to simply walk past all those cadets waiting with their dates, but we walked...right to the front of the queue. Brief introductions followed before we found ourselves on a red carpet inside a giant model of a giant school ring. I joked with Amanda that a few cadets can say they ended up marrying their Ring Figure date, but I must surely be the first to reverse the timing and take his wife to Ring Figure.

I'll never forget he friendly faces waiting to congratulate Amanda and I as we left the auditorium; my love to you all.

Some official pictures were snapped, and I'll post those as soon as I get them.

Happy, but emotionally drained, Amanda and offered our thanks to the guys for having us and made our way home.

I made a quick visit to some hotels on Friday night. It seemed only proper, given the generosity shown to make one of my wishes come true, that I should visit the guys and congratulate them on getting their VMI rings.

Saturday brought an early start to get down  to Gate City, VA, where our close friends, Richie and Kellie, were getting married. Cora was a flower girl for the ceremony, along with Richie's neice, Hannah.

The ceremony was beautiful -- so was the bride! -- and it was a pleasure to share it with Richie and Kellie's friends and family. Truthfully, Amanda and I were distracted for a few moments as Louise picked an interesting time to makes some smiley faces at Amanda.

The rest of the evening was a lot of fun. The wedding reception was a really fun time, and it culminated with Cora showing off her moves on the dance floor. There's something about kids dancing that never ceases making me smile.

The following morning the entire Conway family enjoyed some Room Service before the journey home. There was a wonderful sense of relaxation as well all lay back and enjoyed breakfast.

Our safe journey home was punctuated with an exclamation as David and Phyllis passed on a quilted blanket; a gift from the Rockbridge Pieceworkers. Until we can find the person responsible, we'd simply like to say thank you to you all. The blanket has pride of place in our home, and instantly became my favorite.


  1. am so glad you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hi guys. Being the old dinosaur that I am this is the first time I have ever posted a comment on a blog site so I'm hoping it works! You both look fantastic and I'm so glad you've fulfilled one of your wishes Tony. It's been an inspiration reading your blogs even if some of them have made me weep buckets! Love to you both and your beautiful girls. Maureen x

  3. Hi Tony, I don't often go onto Facebook but each time lately I have made sure that I check out your blog. You are so positive and an inspiration to all. we are both thinking of you and the family. Love Sheila and Peter xx

  4. Hi Tony, It's Alistair B and the earlier message from Sheila and Peter I'm not a great fan of Facebook! Just very recently I heard of your illness which in some ways sounds and feels like the same thing that Babs has. She has been diagnosed with PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy).Unfortunately she has not reacted to this illness in a positive way like you have. Good on you, and keep up the positive attitude which I like and believe in.Positive may not win, but attitude, like in sport, can make one big difference as to how one can cope with and handle a condition!All the best Big Man to you Amanda and the kids!!

  5. Holy crap, that's a busy weekend! Glad you had time to dance, to laugh, to relax, and to cuddle up with a quilt. Sounds perfect.