Monday, January 9, 2012

Excitable Bhoy

Some late breaking news: I'm flying in and out of Glasgow this weekend to watch Celtic play Dundee Utd...and I'm thoroughly giddy at the thought.

My dad and brother will, reluctantly, serve as chaperons on the trip. Arm twisting was involved.

We'll arrive in G-town on Friday, catch the game on Saturday, and fly back on Sunday. Can you say "Jet lag"?

Highlights that I'm looking forward to include a family meet up in Bishopbriggs, making the most of Celtic's hospitality, the chance of meeting the Celtic team before the game, and taking in the game with James Johnstone.

Celtic parade the European Cup
James is the son of Celtic legend Jimmy Johnstone. For the uneducated among you; fans voted Jimmy - affectionately known as "Jinky" - Celtic's best ever player. Jimmy was a regular fixture in the Celtic team throughout a glorious era for the club, winning 18 trophies in Scotland, and winning the European Cup (the first British team to do so). Jimmy was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease late in 2001, and, sadly, passed away in 2006.

Jimmy Johnstone
Paul Brennan happened to be in touch with James at the same time he heard of my diagnosis, and put James and I in touch. I can't imagine how James must feel; it must surely be a brave step to connect with someone suffering from the same condition that your father suffered with. All I know for sure is that I feel very lucky to be joined by James at the game.

All that being said, I'm not going to lie, I hope the Hoops hump Dundee!

Hail, Hail!


  1. this is so exciting for you tony- hope you have a fantabulous time!

  2. That's awesome Tony! Hope you have a great time.

  3. Hoping to catch up with you in Bishopbriggs.. have a safe journey xxx

  4. Jealous. However, as a boy chewing bubble gum and sticking stickers in my Panini sticker book, Dundee Utd were my favorite team in the amateur SPL. Come on the Gold and Black!

  5. Can't wait to see you Tony (and of course your dad and bro!) And it goes without saying " m'on the Hoops!"
    Love Maureen

  6. If the Dons can beat them then hopefully you will see goals a plenty!

    Have a great time

  7. Trip sponsored by Red Bull. No time for jet lag.

  8. Can't wait to see you all so soon after our trip in October.. smashing and so glad you're getting to a game.. hail hail! love, susie & liam xxxx

  9. Excellent - hope you all have a great time

  10. Excellent News T.C... Enjoy the trip!!

    Jinky= LEGEND!!! But did you really have to mention the European Cup ;o) Ha ha!!

    Mon the Arabs!!! (That's Dundee Utd, not our friends from the Middle East!!)

    Awe ra best


  11. That's brilliant news Tony, im sure you will all have a great weekend. Very exciting..
    Have a great time :-)

  12. So, the Conway boys are hitting the town! Lock up yer daughters! Or in John's case - yer grannies!

    I shall watch Final Score on Saturday with interest, with my fingers crossed for the underdogs or course! :-)

  13. Tony,

    The oddest thing happened when I moved to Wisconsin after VMI. Your brother, Martin, was in one of my first classes at Marquette. Later, my wife who is a Medical Social Worker asked me if I knew someone named Tony Conway. Turns out she worked with Martin's wife. I told her that you and I were both English majors and that I sat next to you at graduation.

    Last night she told me about your diagnosis, having heard a few days ago. I went to Google and typed in "Tony Conway ALS" and this blog came up. From what I've read it's easy to conclude that you have a great family and a supportive network of people who care.

    All the best with everything. It takes strength and resolve to share your battle with ALS.

    Eric Ham'01

  14. Have a wonderful time...but pay no mind to the remark by stevemof!!!! Remember you all have women holding down the fort back in the colonies!!!! Go Celtic!

  15. See you Friday, Tony. Should be a good game against Dundee United, they always try to play football. Enjoy the flight!

  16. More power to you, Tony.
    All the best, and enjoy your trip to Paradise.

    Hail hail


  17. Welcome back to Paradise!

    I know you will take strength from the 40,000 + around you when you go back Stateside.

    Wee Jinky is now cheering you on.

  18. Safe journey mate,hope we put on a show for you Hail Hail and Good Luck

  19. Enjoy your trip. Hopefully your presence will make it 11 in a row!

    hail hail!

  20. Have a great time, Tony

    Come on the Hoops

    TopCorner CQN

  21. We're all thinking about you having a great time in Scotland with the "lads". The McElroys