Thursday, January 19, 2012

Good Numbers

Hold it: grip testing
I should temper any over-eager anticipation with the drug trial: this isn't a cure, but the drug may return some strength to people suffering from ALS/MND.

There's also a 1-in-4 chance that I'm taking a placebo.

I'm doing this, regardless of the pill, because I simply wish to help with the research.

Protocol CY 4024
All that being said, my follow-up appointment at Hopkins this morning showed some small improvements in my test scores. My breathing capacity was the highest ever seen in the clinic. My grip, while not notably stronger, was more consistent over time. My upper body, which has weakened most, showed some small gains in strength.

Maybe it's adrenaline, or maybe it's the drug. 


  1. Yay! I'll go with the "real" drug and maybe a little adrenaline. Remember I prayed for the drug, not placebo. Either way, I admire your strength and courage in helping with research & hopefully a cure.

  2. Awesome! Whatever it's good news. :)

  3. deep breath. (evidently you won't have any trouble with that!) and proceed. we'll take whatever we can get as long as it makes you feel any better!

  4. That is what I am praying for, too!!! Candle is lit, hope springs eternal!!!!!!

  5. or maybe you are just a beast of an athlete from tackling annoying little forwards. on another note how is the ConwayCup coming? I'm planning on playing.

    1. so probably adrenaline :P

      be good to see you out there

  6. Have we forgotten the mystical curative powers of Scottish black pudding?! :-)

  7. This is wonderful to hear!