Tuesday, January 3, 2012

List Revisited

I had previously written of my desire to:

  • Go faster than the speed of sound
  • Drive a Bugatti
  • Take the VMI team to watch the Bhoys
  • Fire the biggest weapon I can get my hands on (no penis jokes, please)
  • Take Amanda to Ring Figure
  • Take the Girls to Disney World
  • Take Amanda back to Hawaii
  • Make Cora and Louise laugh

time for an update...

  • One of those items has been achieved - Ring Figure.
  • Two are in the process of being set up - Big Gun and Disney
  • Making Cora and Louise laugh is an enjoyable work in progress
  • One item is off the cards: the NCAA has banned teams from travelling overseas on tours
  • Faster than the speed of sound, the Bugatti, and the Hawaii trip are in progress...though Amanda and I are thinking of a trip to the UK in place of Hawaii.

And some additions...

  • Go on a fun, short skiing trip
  • Do a parachute jump

...more to follow...


  1. That is great news! Maybe you could stop by Bracknell dry ski slope if you make it to England. Do they still have that? Went there on a school trip once, it was activity week or something. I feel old. "back when I were a lad..."

  2. A trip to the UK ... you could take Neil and Walter to Parkheed !!! We would love to see you in the Borders if you could squeeze us in xx

  3. The dry ski slope was preparation for the skiing in France trip I think... Over cooked salmon fillets as hard as bricks, ski boots supplied that stank, mark Armstrong being sent home for a broken collarbone.. year 8?? Almost as awful as Tirabad... Haven't thought about for ages! X (AKA Pam Birdi)

  4. Dad the Wii golf champJanuary 3, 2012 at 5:26 PM

    If you are looking for company on the parachute jump...I hear that this is a long unfulfilled ambition of your elder borther's. Just make sure he has the wobble board handy for afterwards - you know he has those weak ankles.

  5. Parachute jump! Er Rodney, is that our car phone I hear? Are you sure? I did loop de loop over dimchurch!

  6. And Dimchurch has never been the sasme since.

  7. I believe a "sasme" is what the unsuspecting courting couple were experiencing in their Ford Cortina

  8. You've obviously read the book, while I've only seen the abridged TV episode.

  9. I'm so glad for the Disney trip. That was so awesome watching the video and seeing the surprise! Sounds like you have alot of people that luv ya Tony! Adding the skiing to the list is ok, but the parachute jump...really? That scares me just thinking about it. Maybe you and Amanda should renew your vows in mid air!