Friday, January 20, 2012


Reflecting on the past week or so, I came up with the following statistics...
  • Miles travelled: 9045

Collectively, the players I met on Saturday have the following medals and awards:
  • European Cup Winners: 3
  • UEFA Cup Runner Up: 1
  • Scottish League Titles: 42
  • Scottish Cup Winners: 40
  • Scottish League Cup Winners: 23
  • International Appearances: 345
  • Young Player of the Year: 1
  • Scottish Writers' Player of the Year: 1
  • Players' Player of the Year: 1
  • Football League Champions: 1
  • FA Cup Runner Up: 1
  • K-League Champions: 1
  • Scottish Player of the Year: 2

  • Smiles: Too many to count


  1. Crazy week, just now coming up for air.

    Great reading the blog this week, thanks to those who made the trip happen, those who picked up the slack in our absence, and everyone who made it special.

    Can you add my Berks and Bucks Youth Cup Winners medal from 1991 to the count? Im sure there are others too, does my cub scout winners medal from 1986 count?

    Scott Brown was great, as was Saint Neil of Lurgan, Paul Brennan, Cath, Billy McNeil, Tony Hamilton, Brian the tour guide, James Johnston, our entire family, all the Celtic players who gave us some time 75 minutes before a game, everyone at Menzies Hotel, Eileen and Ian from Celtic FC, and the chef who made breakfast on Saturday morning deserves a special mention -awesome eggs.

    So when are we going back.

  2. Good to have you back in circulation Martin. I support any legal action you wish to take to have your medal count included!

    I have to mention the other three amigos from my era would graced us with their presence at celtic Park!

    Goerge McCluskey, Tom Callaghan and Bobby Lennox joined us in the restaurant and Goerge and Bobby were full of the banter. Bobby Lennox's sharp retort to me when I told him I had met him once before, many years ago. He paused and said 'Yeah, I recognize the shirt.'
    They should be in Vegas!!


  3. All those awards but yet Scottish Player of the Year only twice? It just goes to show what you can achieve with eleven average players! LOL