Friday, February 10, 2012

Lion Transplant

After a hectic few months, I was finally able to visit the guys on VMI's football team yesterday.

I've felt that seeing them has been medicine for my soul: it feels good to be around so many energetic, fun people. Seeing the guys yesterday just reinforced that sentiment.

I brought back a gift from my trip to Scotland; a framed poster of the Lisbon Lions.

There's an obvious connection there, since Celtic is my team. But there's also a deeper connection. As I mentioned in earlier posts, Celtic's greatest ever player, Jimmy Johnstone, passed away from the same illness I have. I felt that his story and that of the Lisbon Lions deserved to be heard by the guys at VMI... the following posters will now hang in VMI's locker room...

Jimmy spins away after scoring against Rangers
Jock Stein (R) and John Bonnar out for a jog.
Big Jock was Celtic's most successful manager
Billy McNeill lifts the European Cup
The Lisbon Lions parade the European Cup
My words to the team
The poster of the Lisbon Lions now hanging in the locker room


  1. Like. Glad you got to spend some time with the team. Have a great weekend. Bonne de douche.

  2. And remember Tony, they played with a ball which was akin to a medicine ball. They wore heavy leather boots. They were fueled by nothing more than cigarettes, alcohol, processed sugar and animal fats!

  3. Lovely piece T. We all need medicine for our souls.
    See you on Friday