Saturday, February 4, 2012

Marty Murray - Redefining Scum

My blog seems to have caught the attention of someone going by the name of Marty Murray. Murray, who is careful to use language that allows him to evade the need for such minor things as medical qualifications, basically claims that his coaching can cure you of ALS.

In a comment he tried to post on my  blog, Murray sought to lessen the value of people that actually hold medical qualifications because they don't pay much attention to his work.

Murray's site - - says that the correct train of thought can cure diseases like ALS, MS, Cancer, Allergies, loss. I'm sure he's working on an article that will claim positive thoughts can win the lottery, bring world peace, and change the oil on your car.

I could write for some time about the type of person that would surreptitiously gain contact information for people suffering from a fatal disease and seek to cast doubt on medical knowledge while touting his own "coaching," but perhaps direct quotes from people he's pestered in the past will serve to illustrate this point:

Yo, Marty, this is how it starts.
You call us.
Atty. Gen. Cuomo gets a call.
Got it?
You make 20 calls a day. One of them bites your scamartist a**.

Call my family again with your bu***hit and I will hunt you down and put a bullet in your head.

It's not enough that the love of my life is dying from this inhumane disease; but now I have to put up with phone calls from this guy? He called me at work, after tracing me through an article from the MDA, never once asked about my husband or showed any sign of compassion for what we must be dealing with. He talked non-stop and was very evasive about what he actually does.

Your not worth need to have your freedom taken away and then you may get a small glimpse of what these patients deal with and even that is not good enouugh for you. You will never ever get a dime from my house and if you call again I will consider it harrasement and then I will get my attorney's involved. DO NOT SOLICIT ME. I will have your a** if you do. You are despicable
If the words of people he has personally contacted aren't enough, perhaps the conclusion of a report in to Murray - - will suffice:

MM ’ s [Murray's] statement that ALS development  “ is never really about genes ”  demonstrates that he has a shocking lack of awareness of more than a decade of ALS scientific literature. 
Reticence to call an intervention a ‘ treatment ’  is a strategy sometimes used to avoid laws that restrict the practice of medicine without a license. In our opinion, degrees in political science, economics and fi nance are not qualifi cations to provide medical advice, medical teaching or medical treatment. In the future, we hope that MM will clarify his lack of medical training, and the fact that he is offering  ‘ teaching or coaching.
We could confirm no definite motor improvements and Case 2 ’ s neurologist documented worsened motor function over the past year. Thus, terms like  ‘ solved ’  and  ‘ cured ’  should not be used by MM in describing his offering to patients.
Most importantly:
Finally, MM ’ s practice of cold-calling patients with ALS and their families is morally and ethically questionable, and is clearly disturbing to many. Patients and families who receive harassing phone calls should be aware that they can take action against the caller.
Privacy (Internet). The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse; 2010 (cited 2010 July 15). Available from
Lastly, Murray - since I now know you visit my blog - do not contact me, my family or my employer. I would view any contact harassment, and will respond accordingly. Also, given the press I'll be receiving in the coming weeks, thank you for becoming the poster-child for the type of despicable person that harasses the terminally ill: I look forward to discussing people of your ilk in my upcoming print and TV interviews.


  1. Thanx Marty, these are sheeple who are lost in the woods, and have been their whole lives! That is a certainty. Their OWN actions from OTHERS' thoughts have gotten them where they are today. Sick, and dying. When someone like you comes along and tries to rescue them with food,water,,and shelter, they refuse it. Is there anything more insane than that?

  2. Hey little Marty, how does life as a failure feel? You can try as hard as you like, but you will never overcome your massive insecurity, your absence of humanity, or your delusions of grandeur. Sounds a lot like Adolf Hitler, Hannibal Lechter, Jeffrey Dahmer and maybe a bit of Charles Manson thrown in. Just goes to show that the human race has not, and never will be rid of malformed subhuman monsters.

    For the people like me who had a loved one suffer and die from ALS who are trying to make sense of you as an excremental organism, I would tell them, don't waste your time. Your appeals to his humanity, feelings, decency, are like explaining romance to a steer - nothing but a dead, blank look and continued mindless rutting of whatever warm body is available.

    His existence on this earth will briefly be marked by his depravity, but at least so far, he hasn't sunk to the depths of infamy like Stalin, et al and won't achieve that level of hated remembrance. And he will come to an intensely ironic and horrible end of his own, I would guess, if his current life isn't already pretty putrid. His pulse of life light is less than one tiny diode compared to our loved and blessed sufferers, who to a person came to their end with dignity, compassion for others, and brilliant, shining love. I know, because I was there.