Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Big Jake

I'm now the proud partner of Jake. Homophobes among you should note that Jake isn't a dude, he is my service dog.

Jake's abilities, of which there is a dizzying number, are the result of his own industriousness, and the dedication of a group of wonderful  people at St. Francis Service Dogs in Roanoke, Virginia.

Please check out their website to learn more about service dogs and St. Francis:

If you're so inclined, you may also donate to help St. Francis place more dogs...I know I will.

Jake's brother Diesel and his partner, Eric

Jake with his trainer, foster parent and puppy-raisers
Jake helps with concrete ...

...Jake cleans up after helping with concrete

at my office


  1. He's a sweetheart. On the day we finally get to pet him, I'll be first in line!

  2. Tony,

    My mom and dad have been helping St. Francis Service Dogs for a few years now, and I have actually seen Jake a few times at their house on the weekends. He is a great dog!

    Very cool!


  3. I LOVE the pool picture. Add your girls in there and what a portrait!