Tuesday, June 5, 2012

With friends like these

As my physical strength diminishes, it can be easy to lose control of my emotions. It's a constant adjustment; things I could do 6 months ago now present a challenge.

When friends and family came over yesterday to help with a DIY project, I had to take a back seat when it came to the labor-intensive part of the project. Sitting back was alien to me one year ago.

It's just as well, then, that I'm several thousand miles away from Neil and Jill, and their close group of family and friends: they ascended the tallest mountain in the UK on Sunday to raise funds for our family.

I'm sure a few people in the US are thinking, "Oh, climbing a quaint little hill, how nice," but Ben Nevis is no slight undertaking: there were 41 air rescues and 4 fatalities on Ben Nevis in 1999.

My deepest thanks to Neil and Jill, and their gang. And I'm awfy glad you're down safely!


  1. Wow, how awesome is that! Amazing! What great friends!

  2. The Moffats, Ye cannae whack em!

  3. well maybe you can't do as much physical labor but im stoked you still come out and play some soccer. I had so much fun last night playing with you. btw brilliant goal minus the stupid guy handballing it out. i will take him out if he does it again.