Thursday, August 30, 2012

Me and the $2 million supercar

I mentioned my visit to Florida before, but didn't expand much on the issue of my speeding ticket.

For good reason; it was for 125mph in a 55mph zone. That moment of foolish, fearless recklessness seemed the thing to do at the time, but some flashing blue lights quickly brought the whole escapade in to vivid focus.

I recorded my drive on a head-mounted camera: NOT to record what became an episode of reckless driving, but to record a once in a lifetime opportunity to drive a car at the pinnacle of automotive engineering.

I've shared the video with friends and family, but I don't think I'll share it publicly. It's not that the video shows me doing anything worse -- that didn't happen -- and it's not that it shows me bragging -- I'm actually very remorseful in the video -- but I don't want people to get even the slightest feeling that I'm celebrating wreckless driving. The only way to ensure that is to keep the video private.

Why am I re-hashing this?

The authorities in Lake County, Florida, dismissed my ticket today. And I simply wanted to thank them for their understanding, and apologize for the whole incident.

I also extend my deepest thanks to Johnny Weekes for his work and guidance. In the Spirit.


  1. Seems like such a long time ago! So much fun... still can't believe it really happened!

  2. ...and HUGE thanks to Ellen Austin