Monday, January 7, 2013


After any hiatus from writing blog posts, a lengthy blurb about what I've been up to usually follows.

I think I'll buck that trend today. Suffice to say my holiday break was fantastic. It's not that I don't want to write about the holidays, rather, I'd like to keep some of those memories locked away in my mental vault.

That rather anticlimactic description brings us to the present day.

Amanda and the girls are settling back into the routine of going to school. Meanwhile, I can't decide how much of a routine I want. I endeavor to be up every morning to help the girls get out the door, though I sometimes fall victim to the cozy comfort of my bed.

The remainder of my daily routine is up for grabs. However, as I inch ever closer to committing to writing a book that vast expanse of free time begins to look smaller and smaller.

More on the book later...

For now, a quick symptom update: my legs now feel weaker, my balance and reactions seem off, and I'm not sure I could reach for anything over shoulder height. That explains why Amanda moved all the good booze to the top wall cabinets.

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