Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I was napping when Amanda and Louise got home (Cora was at gymnastics).

Louise noticed me attempting to get upright. She walked over and grabbed my hand, grimaced, grunted, and tried to pull me up.

At the time, Amanda and I exchanged heartwarming glances.

Now, I feel quite bitter that ALS has turned my 1 year-old into another one of my caregivers.


  1. She showed you such love. She only knows she's helping her Daddy. You're her Daddy & she's your wee girl. Bet her eyes were shining when she was helping you. Love & Laughter is what you said.

  2. Cora would have helped but she was busy jumping her horse over the couch when I stopped by. Then she began to unlatch the window to make her escape,she may be playing in the snow by now :-)

  3. Tony: I remember when i was little and even though my daddy didn't have any health issues or anything, I always wanted to do things to help him any way I could. Even if it wasn't much help, and sometimes just the opposite! (haha!) And I still do. We are all caregivers and caretakers of each other and that is a beautiful thing. I know your children will grow up full of kindness and love in them because you and Amanda are such fabulous parents. So maybe try and focus on the sweetness of that gesture from that darlin' little girl, and don't let your feelings of bitterness because you need a little extra help poison that sweetness. Am glad you guys heat with wood so you could stay toasty in the snow today! Hope your power is back on. What a gorgeous snow though! See you soon!
    Love, Ruth Huffman