Monday, April 8, 2013

Assistive Technology

Amanda and I are heading up to Baltimore this evening. In the morning I will attend my first ever Assistive Technology Clinic at JHOC.

As you might suspect from the name, the AT clinic will look for ways to implement technology in my battle with ALS.

I already use various pieces of technology in my daily life; a tablet computer, a smart phone, the Internet, and a a glance.

If I recall correctly, tomorrow's appointment is a chance to take various pieces of technology for a test drive. The goal of the appointment, as with many aspects of ALS, is to determine what my needs will be in the future, and to prepare for those needs as best we can.

I'll do what I can to gather information on the devices I test, and share them on here at a later date.


  1. hope you got to try Tobii C15. Tammy

  2. yes and i love it. customer service fabulous. you're welcome to come try if you haven't already