Monday, April 29, 2013

You Must be Sick

My post Reality, seems to have quadrupled the amount of Web traffic I typically see on a regular day.

I must conclude one of the following:
- My audience is senile, and must revisit the blog in order to commit a post to memory.
- People don't realize what is involved in preparing for the end of their life, and revisit the blog in order to check off the things they should do.
- People prefer my more morbid posts, instead of music videos

I looked at the possibilities, and realized -- any way you cut it -- you're sick!

No matter the reason, thanks for reading. There's nothing wrong with being sick.


  1. We're not sick, we care, and respond emotionally at times. Besides, your taste in music is not always on the same high plateau where it started, so don't blame us!

  2. Your music taste is naff.! :-)