Friday, May 3, 2013


Today was unusual. The weather hit what I consider perfect conditions (low 70s and a slight breeze).

When the girls got home, they consumed a round of Popsicles. Cora grabbed a walkie talkie (that had lay dormant since the Conway Cup), and took off outside with her bicycle helmet. Louise finished making an art installation using her Popsicle, and went out with Amanda.

I followed behind, taking my walking frame out to break her in.

I left the frame (currently accepting suggestions for nicknames) sitting in the garage while I plodded around outside.

Cora caught a caterpillar and enclosed it in a jar Amanda had brought outside, before helping Louise on to her big sisters bike.

Cora proceeded to push Louise around the driveway, to the obvious delight of Louise.

Amanda finished working on one flower bed, before heading to the patio behind the house to continue gardening.

The girls and I followed

Amanda was able to get most of her flowers watered before Cora, Louise, and a slew of toy watering cans joined in "watering" the flowers.

I sat with a smug look on my face.

We soon went inside and enjoyed dinner before throwing a dancing game on the game console.

I couldn't explain why Michael Jackson wore a single, sequined glove to Cora. Luckily, Amanda had the game up and running before Cora was able to question anything else.

Watching the 3 girls dancing was better for me than any medicine.

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  1. tony: this special medication should be taken once every day, doctor's orders! hugs