Monday, May 6, 2013


A slightly morbid topic, but a headline I read today got my blood boiling: John Doe Loses Battle with ALS.

I've withheld the name of the patient because everyone's battle with ALS is different, and maybe that family found that phrase appropriate.

My reaction was a little different.

I really take issue with the phrase, "Loses Battle." To use the word, "Battle," would imply that life may be fought for, as if it was up for grabs.

Then there's the word, "Loses." As if to say that the death should be chalked up in columns tallying wins and losses.

Editors should be much more considerate. Surely something like, "John Doe Bravely Finishes Fight with ALS."
Just a thought,


  1. This is a headline I want to see" Tony Conway kicks ALS's butt!"

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  3. Tony, as always, thanks for your insights on subjects most of us never take the time to consider

  4. I've come back to read this a few times. It is so true and well written. This is hardly a fight we're dealing with.