Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cool Yer Jets

We got word this past week that our most recent inquiries about my flying in a military jet have not panned out.

...and just when my home
training was picking up
There were concerns about my ability to cope with the physical rigors that I may be subjected to.

Let's be honest, if you operated a multi-million dollar aircraft, would you let someone ride that would have difficulty operating the ejector seat?

Still, all is not lost. I don't think I should reveal too much, but I understand that we are looking in to some other options.

I should cool my jets about this bucket list item, but I can't help keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. Maverick, you can be my wingman any time.

  2. I imagine an awful lot of us would be officially unfit to fly in a fast jet. Don't feel too bad about it!

  3. How about a simulator?

    1. I would love that. To be honest, I could happily just sit and watch jets take off and land all day long!