Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Prep for the 4th

The build-up to tomorrow has begun. Cora is giddy at the thought of the traditional kids bike ride down Main Street, Louise is just giddy about everything, and Amanda and I are looking forward to a day of fun, food, and fireworks.

There's a chance of rain, so we're trying not to get too excited.

In other news, the actor James Gandolfini passed away recently. Gandolfini was best known for his lead role in the mob series, The Sopranos. Another performance by Gandolfini caught my attention recently; his recital of Lou Gehrig's farewell speech. I was lucky enough to find the full version of the recital on YouTube, and have placed it at the top of the blog. I think i'll leave it there. Why? Why now?

Lou -- "The Ironhorse" -- gave his farewell speech on July 4th, 1939. Lou's speech is usually clipped when it's played, so I encourage you to check out the whole thing.

Steve Gleason had some publicity recently, by way of a segment on GMA. Watching reports about ALS is always emotional.  At the end of it all, I have to remind myself to at least be thankful that ALS is getting some air time. Check out the story here.

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