Thursday, August 8, 2013


An information packet came in the mail for Cora. It contained paperwork and information regarding her big day in September when she starts school.

This is hardly earth-shattering news. In fact, I'm sure more experienced parents are wondering if this is really worthy of a blog post. I have two responses: 1. I think it is a milestone, and worthy of comment; 2. It's my blog, and i'll write about whatever I want!

Upon hearing the name of her new teacher, Cora spent a few moments on the couch quietly repeating the teacher's name to herself. I don't recall ever taking remembering a teacher's name that seriously. I think it's easy to say that Cora is excited!

I am, too.

In a way, attending school represents not only a milestone for Cora, but for Amanda and I, too. the scary thing is that other milestones feel like they happened the last time I blinked!

It feels like bringing Cora home from the hospital happened last week. Like she figured out how to walk midweek. And that her language and motor skills came online yesterday!

September looks set to be an interesting month!


  1. Cora is ready for kindergarten, but is kindergarten ready for her?

  2. And so begins a veritable avalanche of artwork of all descriptions and variable quality!