Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Blog Numbers

The 15,000 seat beach volleyball arena at the London Olympics
This site passed a notable milestone recently: 15000 unique visitors

The geek in me feels obliged to point out that tracking can only say that the site was accessed from 15000 different connections to the Internet, so there's a margin of error.

Still, my 15000 visitors have amassed 43000 visits to my blog, and viewed the pages and posts on my site 159000 times! My visitors came from 105 different countries.

I never set out to get big numbers, but its certainly a pleasant surprise to see how many people have tuned in.


  1. Probably 2000 of those are me.... of course, I AM your biggest fan :)

  2. Beach volleyball? Why not post some photos of girls in sand covered bikinis and watch your stats soar!