Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Drop Off

I wouldn't describe it as a picture perfect drop off, but we took Cora in for her first day of school today.

I suppose the key thing is that Cora made it to school on time.

But our idyllic image of pictures on the school steps didn't happen. Unfortunately, when we dropped off Cora we were hurried by a staff member who was flustered that Cora didn't exit our van on the right side.

Now, to anyone not currently faced with dropping a child off at school, the issue of which door you use to leave your vehicle seems irrelevant. Hell, there's a big part of me that thinks its complete BS.

...Then again, I'm sure folks at Cora's school are simply trying to find an efficient, safe way to get kids in and out of school.

The twist is that we've been encouraging Cora not to use the door on the side of the van that has the ramp. The curbside door automatically deploys the ramp when opened, so you can see why we're trying to keep the girls away.

Amanda swung by the school to get some clarification, and we'll stop in at the end of the day to get those photos.

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