Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Chair

Today is the second anniversary of my diagnosis. I just went back and read my post from this time last year. If you never read it,  the post is here.

I'd almost forgotten that the end of October last year marked the end of my working career. As cliched as it sounds, the time really has flown by.

I wish I could claim that my the progression of my symptoms has slowed or stopped, but I cant. Moving my arms, particularly using my shoulders, is pretty much impossible.

I've slowly started to broach the subject of my illness with Cora. Louise seems to be great at picking up on the various clues my symptoms display.

I celebrated my 35th birthday last week, and what a great week it was...

...I took delivery of a motorized wheelchair yesterday.

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  1. The PWC and van will be liberating. Watch out for speed bumps!