Tuesday, January 7, 2014

In To The New

The end of a calendar year brings about an assortment of productions that seek to neatly tie up the past 12 months in to a neat, easily digested package.

Since I have entered a short post-Christmas-break lull, I thought I'd have a scan through the past 12 months of blog posts.

2013 started on a good note. I proclaimed:

I shall endeavor to enjoy every moment I have. If ALS is to rob me of time, I'll be damned if I'll let it take away my happiness.
Love and laugh more. Simple.

That goal was hard to attain. Hard, but not impossible.

We commenced our home renovation in January 2013. I've found that big life changes take me a couple weeks to process, and deal with. Even overwhelmingly positive events, like the renovation, take time to come to terms with.

I created tags/subjects for my blog posts. Born from a concern that I might forget to tell my girls some important message, the tag TMDG was created. Most posts seem to be fairly sensible, but I didn't impart the meaning of life...so room for improvement!

I had another incredible trip to Scotland to visit family and watch the Celts.

The second Conway Cup was a huge success.

I posted lots of music videos.

Cora and Louise expanded their care giving skill set. My mind sways back and forth on this issue. Previously, i have been very bitter and saddened to see my daughters having to help me, as if ALS was taking a portion of their childhood, and not just my life. These days i tend to have a more appreciative mentality...as if the new ways the girls interact with me are a testament to our love.

I posted more music videos

People from our community came together to support our family.

My health, all things considered, is okay. A few early dips in my body weight have leveled out. But my breathing function has declined. I recently began some work in the gym to see if I could somehow help my lungs...

Amanda and I did the paperwork that adults have to do - wills and directives - I also gave Amanda power of attorney to make legal decisions on my behalf.

I got a computer I can control with my eyes. Amanda will tell you that I haven't been off it since it arrived!

I have been poor at banking soundbites of my voice.

I posted more music videos.

Louise told me she loved me.

Cora began school, and her advances inspire me daily.

We went to DC and met MJ and Libbi.

Amanda stayed at home to care for me on a full time basis.

I got a BPAP machine to help with my breathing at night.

With encouragement from Amanda, I became comfortable with the idea of a powered wheelchair and a wheelchair minivan. Both are used a lot.

I had another fun season with the guys at VMI.

I began a writing project about ALS that I still haven't finished.

The run from my birthday until the new year has been great fun.

I wonder if 2014 will be as busy?

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  1. And I thought 2012 was busy! You are right, we packed a lot into a year. Here's to many more like that. Love you