Friday, February 7, 2014


The news from Mondays visit to Hopkins is still sinking in.

Amanda and have decided to cancel todays therapy session, and enjoy a cocktail instead...maybe we should shop around for a counselor with superb mixing skills. Maybe our current counselor can mix a mean cocktail. I should ask.

The looming need for a feeding tube doesn't really concern me -- you can pour cocktails down there, right?

But my prognosis is proving harder to process. In a way, its strange that my prognosis would be so difficult to grasp. I've yet to hear of anyone making it out of life alive. And I've known the destination of this journey ever since my diagnosis.

Maybe the difficulty in comprehending my prognosis is simply because my journey feels like it's taken such a sharp, definitive turn.

Here's a toast to handling sharp turns.


  1. Tony: Wow this is really intense news. I'm toasting you and Amanda for having such awesome courage and grace and fortitude and especially for retaining a sense of humor. Sharp turns are no problem for a guy who has driven the world's fastest car...and weaseled his way out of the speeding ticket! BIG LOVE y'all! Ruth Huffman

  2. My hat's off to you for your courage.