Thursday, March 27, 2014


About two months ago our friend, Ben Freakley, got in touch to say that he would be running the Atlanta marathon to benefit our family.

He completed the marathon (in pretty good time) this past weekend.

Ben's wife, Melissa, kept us all up to date on Ben's progress via Facebook. She also posted some great pictures from the finish line.

Given that this was the first time Ben had even attempted a marathon, I can't get over how easy he made it look. I'm almost certain if Ben were sitting with me now, he might confide exactly how hard it was to run that distance. Then again, maybe he's so sore he cant even sit down!

Amanda and I are so blown away by acts of support like this that we run out of appropriate superlatives.

Perhaps it's just best to say a simple thank you, and to just let you know that your support makes us feel truly fortunate.

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