Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Belly

It's been a week since I had my feeding tube put in. Our first night home, I found it very uncomfortable and barely slept. I spent the next two nights in my recliner where elevating my body provided some relief.

I've spent the nights since then back in bed. My levels of pain and discomfort have subsided dramatically.

We've had home visits from a nurse, and discovered minor signs of infection around the tube.

My diet is a bit scattered at the moment. What was routine before the procedure is now less so. We've been eager to use the tube but I feel we've yet to fully integrate it and my regular diet into a new routine.

I returned from Baltimore feeling fairly energetic, but I've spent most of the past five days asleep. I know I have to listen to my body, but I do wish it would play a more energetic tune.

Amanda has taken to the new process very well. Gurgling noises, the rush of escaping air, and the occasional splash of fluid from my digestive system has done nothing to dissuade her from the job. She's also quickly figured out how to give me my daily meds via the tube, which gives me one less annoying thing to get stuck at the back of my throat.

The girls are aware of my new hardware. Both have been keen to look at it. Cora was keen to help feed me a milkshake but that enthusiasm seems to have subsided. I don't know if she has forgotten, has simply accepted my new hardware, or been distracted by everyday life.


  1. Tony, I remain at a frustrated loss for words. Thanks for your continuing posts. Rick

  2. did you seriously eat a kebab for your first peg meal?

  3. hahaha! you are awesome, even if you say so yourself!

  4. I assume threading spaghetti down the tube is really tricky! :-)

    1. worse than getting fax paper down the phone line

  5. Tony,
    I was recently made aware of your blog and wanted to post to tell you "I love you Brother". You are a true champion and I admire your efforts to share your experience. I would love to talk to you and will call Steve to see if he has your phone number. Love to your family. Keane