Thursday, June 26, 2014


Amanda and I returned from Baltimore yesterday. I had an appointment at the Hopkins ALS clinic on Tuesday.

If you visit here frequently or have dealt with ALS in your life, you'll know that body weight and FVC are the two biggest indicators of disease progression.

My weight has remained steady, since my diagnosis, at approximately 205lbs.

My breathing has declined. In November 2013 my lung capacity was 53%. In February of this year it had dropped to 48%.

My FVC on Tuesday was still 48%. I don't know how it has remained the same, but I'm not complaining.


  1. SFTB says

    Good news on the weight and FVC front.

    Hope you continue to battle and thrive.

    Good news about USA reaching the last 16 and they have a fighting chance against Belgium to reach the last 8. Enjoy the parties if that happens

  2. Yes indeed good news and good luck to USA. An honest hard working team of limited talent players who are not afraid to mix it. A bit like Celtic realy :-)
    My money's on the Dutch, but I'd value your expert opinion Tony.
    I was going to torment your old Dad about Suarez, but I'm worried he might go into one of his rants about Rangers' latest set of accounts! :-)

  3. good news TC, sending love to you x

  4. hi Tony
    good to hear about your results being stable.
    good luck the U.S.A. V Belgium

    I cleaned the attic with the wife the other day. Now I can't get the cobwebs out of her hair.


  5. Just booked a table for the wifes birthday treat.. Bound to end in tears though-
    she's crap at snooker.

  6. hi Tony
    well done to the USA soccer team .Great spirit and plenty of skill
    they gave the Belgians a scare...... would have loved them to have gone through.