Monday, July 7, 2014


I must wish a very happy 3rd birthday to Louise. I love you

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  1. Hey Tony, lovely pic of birthday girl Louise. If I were to show you a pic of my daughter at 3 (33 now) you would see the similarity, uncanny. Sad passing of Alfredo di Stefano today, a true legend. Saw him play along with Puskas and Francisco Gento at Celtic Park in 1962. My pal and I waited to see them board their bus post-match...imagine my shock at seeing Gento smoking a cigarette, my mother had always told me I'd never be a footballer if I smoked. Funnily enough, I met and chatted to Gento and di Stefano in Glasgow in 2002 (madrid v leverkusen final). I was working for the bbc and we were doing some pre-match stuff at the Hilton. I spotted them sitting together, approached them, introduced myself and was invited to pull up a chair. We had a laugh when I told him the 'fag' story. These kind of things one never forgets...anyway, hope Miss Louise has a great birthday...take care all, weebobbycollins.