Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day One

Cora and Louise returned to school today. This, in practice, marks the end of our summer.

Cora seems quite excited to be back at school. Louise, as you can tell, doesn't seem as excited.

Cora is entering 1st grade, and Louise is entering the 3 year old class at day care.


  1. No wonder poor Louise doesn't look so happy. She hasn't had the summer break Cora got. Back to school already? She's asking. :o) ♡ Dad

  2. Utterly hillarious. :-)

  3. We had some troubles developing excitement with that 3 year-old-class with both of our boys. The only thing that helped with my oldest was that he started on Jan. 3, the first day of preschool after holiday break, which happened to be his birthday. "If you go to preschool you get to share the cupcakes with your new friends" - that got him there, but he still wasn't happy with mom leaving him there that first day.

    My daughter, Lydia, now 7, was the complete opposite because her mom was one of her preschool teachers (how unfair to all those other kids, huh?) and she wants to be a teacher when she grows up, so for her the first day of school will always be exciting.

    Glad to see it is exciting for the Conways. Have a great school year.

    I hope the first

  4. Cracking 'foatie'...........