Friday, September 12, 2014

Know Go

I've decided not to attend my ALS clinic appointment at Johns Hopkins later this month.

It will be the first clinic appointment I've missed.

In a nutshell; I cant be arsed.

To expand, it's expensive, tiring, and it's not like we go there to get good news. We know how this story ends.

On the down side, we love the folks at Hopkins, so it'll be strange to miss out on that interaction.


  1. I hear ya, man. it's mighty far to travel, and so why not save up your travel mojo for fun things, right? I'm so glad you went on that epic trip to DC though. i really enjoyed reading about your adventure and i know the younguns had a blast also. that's what it's all about! i'll be seeing y'all soon! big love!
    ruth huffman
    p.s. lame of me, but still haven't done an ice bucket challenge. since i'm not on facebook what the hell good would it do to dump a bucket of icey water on myself in my backyard with nobody to watch and laugh at me for screaming like a girl? next time i see ya, though, feel free to dump things on me just for s**ts and giggles!: hopefully ice cold beer?

    1. Hey Ruth, I owe an ice bucket shower as well, maybe we should do it in tandem?

    2. Sure Rick, I'm game! Let me know...