Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Don't worry, I haven't fallen over. It did occur to me, however, that I really haven't posted anything of any real substance for a while, so maybe it's time for some autumnal reflections.

October began with my 36th birthday. I was joined by my parents for a birthday lunch. That Sunday I enjoyed a dinner with local family and friends. In all, it was a nice, low key celebration, and that's what I was looking for.

By far the most exciting news of the month was the arrival of twin nieces. My sister in law, Julie, and my brother, Martin, welcomed Ella and Norah to the world. Everyone is healthy, although I understand sleep is at a premium for Martin and Julie.

I've been trying to stay involved with the men's soccer team at VMI, but fatigue has limited my participation to home games and an occasional practice. The difference between what I wanted to do and what I've been capable of doing has been disappointing and frustrating.

Cora and Louise are getting pumped up for Halloween.

I am doing well. Relatively. I still have the strength to push with my legs when trying to stand up, but my back feels weak. I have more difficulty standing up straight and holding my head up. I recently found myself waking up in the night, so my medication has been adjusted to help. My speech is awful.

The trees around the house are bare, but the trees on the hillside behind the house is a wonderful array of reds, golden yellows, and sunset orange. My memories of autumn in the UK are much less colorful. It feels like everything just turned brown and that was it. Could some informed person tell me if my recollection is accurate?


  1. hi Tony
    wouldn't say i was informed but.. the trees in bognor do the colour change thingy.
    then they end up all over the garden. I was in glasgow for the astra and killie games
    and you coudn't see the trees for the rain. :-)))

  2. I think you'll find you were just a philistine in your youth!