Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Lame Respondant

No excuses. I can honestly say I've been absolutely awful at responding to correspondence recently.

I have easily had over 25 personal messages, each as deserving of a response as any other.

I haven't sent a single response.

Sorry to everyone that's written. You deserve a response.

The problem is that your message discussed or hinted at one (or more) of these topics; my early demise, poignant moments in life we've shared, or what a role model I have been to you or people you know, or it just whiffs of nostalgia.

I don't know - at the moment - how to respond to that

I mean, thanks for the gesture of working on a message, but i haven't figured out how I feel about those types of messages.

(If I don't explain this perfectly, I'm going to sound like a complete dickhead.)

The messages are all very nice and say very complimentary things about me, but to truly soak in their entire meaning, their intent...well, it feels as if I'm conceding defeat.

And I'm not ready to throw the towel in yet.

So, to recap; they're all really nice messages, but I'm not going to read them at the moment.

Here's what I'll do; I'll save every message and I'll treat the collection of messages like fuel for my motivation.

When the time comes, when defeat seems inevitable and imminent, then I'll read them all, and bask in your friendship.

I'm basically playing a mind game with myself.

Am I making any sense?

Either way, thanks for all the messages.


  1. Hey Tony, whatever works for you pal, it's your life and agenda...
    God Bless, stay strong for as long!
    Admire your strength, conviction, belief and 'humour'...
    Regards & Hail Hail
    Franny (TBM)7

  2. Complete sense Tony.

    And I would not expect anything else from you.

    Firstly, apologies, if you felt any of the intent was unnecessarily blunt. It is hard to strike an appropriate tone in print whether you address the subject of your illness directly or avoid it as if it wasn't there.

    The response you have given is the most heartening there could be- that you will fight and rail against what happened to you and you will meet the challenge and beat it.

    And if you need any more fuel, I am quite happy to write something annoying again :-)

  3. So Tony, is this what is stoking your fire? As I said in the previous article...good on you!
    Avoid hoses and wet blankets...
    Regards, weebobbycollins...

  4. Hi,Tony.

    What's this,stating that you fight on? As if anyone thought any differently!

    There's a battle to be won,Tony. Every day that you see Amanda and the kids is a battle won. Saying that you will continue the fight is like saying you will be supporting Celtic on Sunday.

    We know-and we expect no less!!

  5. Nice to see the Australian Open Tennis final is going to be contested by two Scotsmen-

    Andy Murray vs Jocky Veitch