Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My Tobii

Ive had a quiet festive period. That's due in large part to the power connection on my Tobii computer going on the fritz. With no power supply, I was down to the charge on the batteries. To be fair to Tobii, the battery life lasts pretty much all day.

To their credit, Tobii, so far, have been great about fixing my Tobii. They sent out UPS to pick up my broken computer, and sent me an older model to use while mine was being fixed.

That's where we ran into a snafu. The older computer they sent wouldn't start!

That happened right before New Years...which meant the shipping department was my replacement for my replacement only just arrived today.

Time without Tobii felt very repetitious; I'd just watch TV, struggle to communicate, eat, and sleep.

It's good to have  my digital voice back.

1 comment:

  1. good to have you back Tony..
    my nephew is called Tobe .. you can never shut him up !! and he never stops.
    hope christmas was good for you and yours.