Saturday, July 18, 2015


I used to believe that there was no problem that Tony and I couldn't solve together.

We weathered the early years of marriage learning to talk to each other, listen to each other, sort out money issues, etc... standard stuff I'm sure. We were just ready to start life as a family of four, when life proved us wrong. ALS was the problem we couldn't solve together... that no one seems able to solve.

So then our strategy became "one day at a time." Make the best out of each day, because we didn't know how many more we would have.

Maybe it's näive, but it worked for us. I remember asking Tony in January or February if the good still outweighed the bad. He said yes, but I knew he meant barely. He always made the difference for me. If I had a bad day, he was there to make it better... just a twinkle of his eyes made it better.

But here I am now... still one day at a time... but without my problem solving partner, and without the guy who always made my day better. I'm trying to find that ability in myself... I know I have to... one day at a time.

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