Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sliding with Louise

I heard a story today from one of Louise's teachers that is definitely worth retelling...

She often takes a collection of things with her to day care, and the other day she asked to take your scarf. I'm sure I rolled my eyes because she hardly needs a scarf in 80° weather, but I packed it into her back pack anyway.

That day, she wore your scarf on the playground and she was going down the slide with one of her teachers. Louise went first, and then turned around and asked the teacher to wait before following. She said ”wait please, my daddy is going after me."

I won't even begin to try to analyze that, but it makes me so happy. You were never able to play with Louise on a playground, but she's bringing you along now. I worry about how this affects them so much, and this little tidbit makes me think they might be alright.

But of course, I didn't need to tell you this story... you were already there.

Love you, babe.