Thursday, December 24, 2015

Our Christmas Gifts

I have been slaving away for months...

Really only a few weeks...

Although I did start months ago...

Anyway... I've been working on our Christmas presents to our girls. I had the idea some time ago to make quilts for them from your tshirts. On our first date, you wore a tshirt (and I still fell for you), and in the past years your fashion item of choice was a tshirt. You left quite a selection from which to choose! I tried to put in important shirts, ones that had meaning. I avoided the ruder ones, although in hindsight I might have chosen differently. But there is a story that goes with each shirt, and I look forward to explaining each one to the girls.
Making the cut (wasted effort since this one didn't make it into the finished product!)

Each quilt has a Conway Cup shirt, and each one has a Don't Shrink shirt. Each contains two shirts from other ALS warriors, and each has a Celtic shirt. Each one has a part of your favorite comfy shirt, the navy waffle knit.
In honor of Michael and his family, ALS warriors

I knew that Erin's shop was the perfect place to work on them, especially because I needed her help! And I couldn't have done it without her. It was a wonderful experience to spend the time with her, and get to know her better. You were still the common thread (haha, I'm hilarious!), but hopefully we started a friendship of our own.

Sashing ready to stitch

Initially cutting the shirts was difficult, but then I was okay until the tops were finished. Then I could barely look at it without crying. There's a whole lot of love and a whole lot of emotion (and work!) put into these, and I suppose it just got to me.

Along the way, I decided to make them into duvet covers instead of quilts since that's what we normally use. I've got a bit more work to do to them, but turning them into covers helped me get them done faster. So, I've wrapped them up to give to the girls tomorrow. I know that they will love them. I also know that making them was a gift to me. I hope you'd be proud.
The finished top of Cora's quilt

The finished top of Louise's quilt

Love you, babe.


  1. Blest be the tie that binds - When we asunder part,
    it gives us inward pain;
    but we shall still be joined in heart,
    and hope to meet again.

  2. What a great idea. I can think of no more meaningful gift than the quilts. They are meaningful to the girls today and are going to become more meaningful as they get older. One day they may even pass them on to their children. What a wonderful and thoughtful mother you are. -George & Melou

  3. You did a fabulous job, Amanda, and I am truly, TRULY blessed and humbled to have been part of the process.