Wednesday, February 24, 2016

When Dreams Change, but Still Come True

We've spent a calendar year without Tony. 

Last Saturday was the first anniversary of his passing. Many years as a mother and caregiver have turned me into a planner, and as the first significant dates without him loomed on the calendar, I always planned something. For our anniversary, I went to London to cheer on his friends as they walked 100k in memory of him. For his birthday, we spent the weekend with family. When I thought ahead to the one year mark, I knew I would have to plan something good. 

I wanted to take the girls away. I spent a lot of time considering the logistics of various place, because traveling alone with two kids isn't easy. I wanted someplace fun and as easy as possible. 

Disney was a pretty obvious choice. No where else (that I know of) has so much fun and magic per square foot, and also a host of people willing to help with everything. So, I booked the tickets in the fall and sat on the secret for months. 

I'll admit it was 90% a decision made for me. I have such wonderful memories of our last trip there, and spending the worst day of the year in the happiest place on Earth seemed perfect to me. Of course, I assumed the girls would be happy to come along, especially as we'd also be there for Cora's birthday.

We had an incredible four days, and were worn out by the time we left yesterday. There were at least a hundred wonderful moments...

  • Watching a 3D movie and seeing Louise reach out to grab stuff
  • Cora's excitement during the luau (especially for the manly dancers in their island apparel)
  • The endless magical sights of Disney
  • Catching Louise at the bottom of her first trip down a waterslide
  • Watching the girls mimic the sights and sounds
  • Seeing Louise hug Winnie and Pooh (whom she sleeps with every night), and meet Elsa (who is her alter ego)

I'm so so glad we went, and I think Tony would have approved. I did find myself tearing up seemingly randomly... is it usual to cry at the Lion King theme song? But, honestly, the Hall of Presidents is always going to make me cry. 

Cora told me they would cherish these memories, and I know I will too. While Disney is designed for kids, being there to experience it with them is the greatest part.


  1. someone somewhere said ,"when in doubt take the next small step "
    in the last year your small steps have become larger,in future they may turn into giant strides .
    keep the faith.