Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Tony Conway '01 Memorial Scholarship

Not too long ago, I wrote about trying to be the steward of Tony's legacy. That's a job that has many parts. First, I always try to talk to the girls about Tony.... memories I made with him, thinks he liked or said, things he did. I am also creating a collection of memories to give them when they are older.

Second is the Conway Cup. I love the Cup and I hope to build on its past success while modifying it for a world without Tony in it. Hopefully, it'll go on for years and years.

I have worked for nearly a year on something more lasting though. I aimed high, because to me Tony deserves parades and speeches and grand monuments. But I had to wade through the bureaucracy of VMI, and they just didn't want to rename the place after Tony. Instead, we created the Tony Conway '01 Memorial Scholarship that will support the VMI Men's Soccer team. Tony was a scholarship athlete at VMI, a team captain, and later a coach. VMI brought him to me, and our connection with our VMI family runs deep. This endowed scholarship will be there long after the last games of the Conway Cup are played, and long after all our soccer boys have moved on. It's something I am very proud of, and something that Cora and Louise can show their children. It will keep Tony's name forever associated with VMI Men's Soccer.

The program has been in transition in the past years, and I am also hoping this scholarship helps to rebuild it. Tony always worked to give the program as much support as possible, because he wanted the best for the players. This is my way of continuing that.

Thank you to everyone who has already donated to the fund! If you would like to contribute to Tony's scholarship fund, you can use the link below, or contact Doug Bartlett at the Keydet Club.

Tony Conway '01 Memorial Scholarship

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  1. Amanda, I LOVE this! What a perfect way to honor your sweetheart...(although I too would have preferred the Tony Conway Military And Soccer Institute. But can't have everything!
    Love, Ruth