Friday, September 2, 2016

Measured in Summers

My girls were caregivers to Tony, and most of my time and energy was devoted to him for a long time. Then, they had two parents, but neither of us could really be there for them. Now, they've just got me and I'm really trying to make sure I give it my all.

So, as the traditional end of summer looms I am pondering childhood and summer. It seems to me that childhood is measured in summers. I want to make sure my girls have plenty of golden summertime moments. I want them to have great experiences, like weeks at the beach, but mostly I want them to have nights catching lightning bugs, afternoons in the sun, and complicated contraptions built of string up in a tree. Those are the memories I cherish from childhood. I know I must have gone to school at least occasionally, but that's not what shines from my memory.

Logically (and meteorologic-ally), we can still enjoy summer moments beyond this weekend. I don't need to put so much pressure on these three short days. But fall is already creeping in...

Those golden days pass fast, and it means so much more to me to be here for theirs. I hope they remember that part too.

Happy summer, everyone... go catch a lightning bug!

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