Monday, April 23, 2018

Domino's Delivers the Conway Cup

This year would have been the 7th Conway Cup... I say "would" because we couldn't make it work this year. The one day that we could get the fields was the same day that VMI had scheduled FTX (field training exercises) and nearly all of our work force and several of our teams would have been gone. I do a lot of the work leading up to the Cup, but I do very little on the day. The cadets do all that and without them we just couldn't make it happen.

I was super bummed about having to cancel, but I'll admit that I also had serious doubts about my ability to get it all done now that I'm back to work. Maybe a break this year is a blessing in disguise. I am committed to trying again next year though... hopefully we can bring it back!

My biggest disappointment was that I could help our local ALS families with the proceeds from the Cup this year. A chance conversation with a local business owner fixed that though. Our local Domino's will be sharing a portion of their profits with us this week, and all that will go to our local friends still fighting ALS. I'm super grateful for their support and help and super grateful for everyone who orders from them this week... even the drunk college students who aren't aware of the good they are doing.

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