Tuesday, December 6, 2011


The support I've had since my diagnosis has been staggering. I might almost describe it as a ripple effect.

Relaying the diagnosis to my family in October brought the first wave of support. Visits, phone calls, and hugs were in abundance.

Sharing my news with local friends here in 24450 brought another wave of support.

Posting the news on Facebook, and highlighting this site gave rise to another wave of support.

The most recent wave seems to have swollen up from people who have heard my news through word-of-mouth, and people that have known for a while that have had time to reflect on things.

In the past 16 hours, I've spoken with two people that fall in to that last category.

I caught up with Charlie, my college class president, late last night. I say late; technically it was during what I consider VMI business hours, so I can't complain about a late night call! Today, Spencer, a young man I coached in high school, and someone that has grown to be all-too-much of a nice guy, joined me for a lunchtime sandwich.

Interestingly, both guys wanted to talk about what they could do to help Amanda and our daughters. A similar theme arose when I spoke with Steve Ross about a charity football tournament. I've also heard the same sentiment from friends and family.

With such a growing desire to support my family, it seems like it's time I stop bristling at the idea of people helping us.

Irrespective of the idea of providing a way for people to support my family, all of the support -- emails, calls, hugs, visits, letters, text messages, and more -- has done a lot to raise my spirits, and that's putting it lightly.

Thanks to you all

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  1. Tony, sometimes you just have accept the inevitable.......people actually LIKE you!

    How on earth did that happen? :-)