Monday, December 5, 2011

My Adoring Audience

Don't worry; I'm not so pig-headed as to believe the title of this post. Then again, I checked out some stats for this blog and saw some post-worthy numbers.

  • I've just passed the 1,000 visitor mark (Well, 1000 different computers!)
  • My posts have been accessed over 14,000 time by those visitors
  • The average visit to the blog lasts 3 minutes
  • Over 60% of the visitors are returning
  • You all like emotional posts ( Dear Cora )


  1. I think you might need to offer rebates or incentives or maybe some candy (that'd be sweets to UK readers!)to capture the non-returning 40%. :-)

    And for the returning 60% who haven't yet dipped their toes in the blog!
    Come on, don't be bashful. The water's lovely. You KNOW you want to do a wee post on the blog...

  2. Tony, I agree with your Dad, we must try and encourage the missing 40% to come back to the site. Have you considered some topless babes? I can always ask the missus to volunteer, but I'm not sure whether that wouldn't drive the stats down even more!

  3. Martin (part of the 60%)December 5, 2011 at 7:36 PM

    Does the blog need the other 40%?

  4. Stats tell the story.
    You're either moving forward or moving back.
    Nothing remains static.
    And as the blog title tells us..this blog
    Don't Shrink.

  5. I, for one, follow the blog almost daily. Your Dad made a good point in that some are a little bashful to comment, like me for fear of what is right or wrong to say at that given moment. I read it and laughed, read it and tears flow, & I am truly amazed at what a strong & courageous person you are Tony to allow us to follow along in this journey with you. You are truly an inspiration to others & know I am praying for you daily. Think you know who I am? Guessing can be fun!

  6. I have one or two names in mind!

  7. I wish we could "like" some of your commenters' comments!